Lea Webb

State Senate

Project Description

New York’s redistricting led to the creation of a new district, comprising pockets of progressive communities and a number of higher education institutions. Parkside understood it to be a competitive district that, with the right candidate, could be won. In the primary, Parkside worked with Lea Webb against a well-funded primary opponent who was considered the presumptive Democratic nominee. In the general election, her opponent was a respected and well-connected former mayor of Binghamton. Though Webb had limited resources and staff, Parkside crafted an effective messaging and targeting strategy that transformed a virtually unknown campaign into one of the top races in the State.


Our Approach
Webb was running to represent an almost entirely white district. But Parkside understood that by appealing to the district’s more populist ideology and highlighting Lea’s commitment to the issues voters care about most, she’d be an appealing candidate. Parkside crafted Webb’s brand so that she was perceived as a hard worker who wanted to deliver for working families, which aligned nicely with the new district.


The Results
After guiding Webb to a scrappy win in the primary, Parkside scaled the campaign's communications to a robust, multi-pronged approach through digital, mail, television, and earned media. Over the course of the fall, Parkside transformed the Webb campaign from a low-budget, strictly grassroots effort to a polished operation and secured a victory.


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